UFC on FX 4 Recap: Rattling the Cage Style

Saturday, June 30th, 2012 by Tony Reid

We hopped in the car around 8am Friday morning and I drove somewhere between 80-90 miles an hour for three hours to get us to the Poor Man’s Las Vegas, better known as Atlantic City, NJ to see the UFC on FX 4 event that night.  With the help of my new addiction Twitter (and other avenues of course) I had a number of interviews set up for the weekend. The only issue this time around was that the event was being held Friday night and many of the fighters and camps weren’t making a full weekend of it, many were heading out of town Friday night or Saturday instead of the usual Sunday departure. That coupled with the fact that there was a numbered UFC event the very next day in Brazil made it a unique weekend.

We drove into AC and headed straight for the Revel, which is the new Vegas style hotel and casino in town. I am a huge fan of Las Vegas (I would actually like to move there some day) but being an east coast guy with a small amount of disposable income ( I sling subs and write for free, you know.)  AC is as good as it gets for me most of the time. We all know its not quite Vegas but enjoy it anyway. Let me tell you this, the Revel is as close to Vegas as you are going to get on the east coast. The Hotel is beautiful, the casino is Vegas-esque and the atmosphere in the place makes you feel like you are on the other coast. We made a few laps to check out the joint, gambled a few bucks, grabbed a $60 cheeseburger and waited to meet up with Josh Thomson.

We hung out with Josh in the hotel lobby of the Revel, where most if not all of the fighters and camps were staying. We were talking and Damon Martin of MMA Weekly came by and sat down for a minute. I am a fan of his work and it was great to finally meet him and pick his brain (no zombie) for awhile. We bumped into Clay and Jason Guida at the check in desk. It’s always great to catch up with Clay. He’s such a down to earth dude that you feel like you and he were high school buddies every time you see him. He actually mentioned the Rattling the Cage interview we did about two years ago. I was talking about Sharpie artist Justin McAllister and his brother said “Oh yeah isn’t that the guy that lives out near us?” Yep, that’s him. So a few minutes later we are sitting in the inner lobby of the Revel where all of the fighters come and go and Clay is there signing autographs. One guy wanted a picture signed and Clay asked if I had a Sharpie. How ironic is that? Ok, I guess not that crazy but mildly ironic. I didn’t have one by the way. While we were there a number of guys came and went. Bruce Buffer was strolling around. Sam Stout and his entourage rolled through. Brian Ebersole came and went. I bumped into Ed Soares for a minute and attempted to block off some time with Anderson Silva after his fight next weekend. All of the UFC cutmen were there hanging out. At one point this uppity lady was briskly walking by all dressed to the nines, attitude included. Well, we here this smash and turn around…she walked face first into the closed glass doors leading out of the lobby. She hit so hard she left a nose print on the glass. A few of the cutmen went over and assisted her in regaining her bearings and her dignity.

With it being a Friday night fight and an early start the event was upon us before we knew it. So we enjoyed ourselves at the fights, I wont post any results or play by play. You people should know all of that stuff already. What I will say is that the crowd was hyped for all of the local guys including Dan Miller, Nick Catone and others. During the main event the crowd was 90%-10% in favor of Guida at the opening bell but by the end of the third round it was more like 90%-10% in favor of Maynard.

After the fights we were just taking it all in. The post fight excitement, the lights and sounds of the casino and all the other post fight related stuff. I absolutely love the environment surrounding the fights. I reached out to Spencer Fisher earlier in the week to see if he could make time for me at some point and as I was sending him a message I look up and he’s literally standing right in front of me. So we grabbed a seat and did our little impromptu interview. It was an honor to be one of the first people to sit down with him right after his retirement fight. I have watched his career from very early on and to share in that was pretty cool. Hell, he still had his hand wraps on during the interview. His wife was kind enough to let us have him for a few minutes before they headed back to the hotel. I think they both wanted to make the moment last as long as possible, including all media and all interviews and all that stuff because it would be the last time it would happen post fight. Again, it was an honor and I thank the Fishers’ for sharing the moment with us.

Shortly after that I got in contact with Colleen, who is Matt Brown’s fiancé. We met up with the crew after Matt’s impressive win. We were all laughing in thinking that we are friends on Facebook and Twitter and all that stuff so we feel like we know each other before we actually met. It’s very true but it’s always 1,000 times better to get to hang out in person. So we are there and I sat down with Matt and did a pretty candid and interesting interview where we touch on, not only the fight and what’s next but we talk about a side of Matt that probably isn’t as well known, that of Matt the father and the challenges and struggles faced in being a new father while trying to maintain your career as an elite mixed martial artist on the world’s biggest stage. It was a great interview and one you should definitely watch on my YouTube page (www.youtube.com/RattlingtheCageMMA )

So that was that. We stuck around the rest of the night and took in many of the sights and sounds and festivities until it was time to have my face get hit by the only thing that it would get hit by that night…a pillow. If you are a fan of the sport and looking to see all the great competitors and all the great people that surround them, hit up the fighter hotel where you could have seen Gabriel Gonzaga devouring his lunch or Ross Pearson walking around shortly after his knockout loss, among many other things of course. If you are in town the weekend of a big fight grab tickets, during your down time hit up the hotel and most of all always enjoy yourself!