My Newest Installment of “On Blast!”

Saturday, July 13th, 2013 by Tony Reid

imagesCAS7WEBZFor the newest installment of my “On Blast” blog I have a whiny college football player, an out of line MMA champ and a major retailer on my radar. Take a minute and read my quick rant on each of these subjects…

1. Johnny Manziel is Bitch Made- The former Heisman Trophy winning quarterback for Texas A&M recently tweeted how he can’t wait to leave the university and in a related tweet he asked people to “walk a mile in his shoes.” Really? Walk a mile in the shoes of a superstar college football player, spoiled rich kid who drives his luxury car around campus, has his groupies and sorostitutes,  who is way too famous to actually go to class (he said it), who can be found courtside at NBA games and hanging with celebrities and athletes. That must be tough! Johnny stop being a whiny little bitch. How about you try walking a mile in the shoes of a poor lady who just found out she has breast cancer or the factory worker that just lost his job and now can’t support his wife and kids or at the very least the old dude who lost his retirement money in an American Greed type of scam. What I’m really trying to say, Dear Johnny, is walk a mile in the shoes of a person with REAL problems. When your biggest problem is the fact that you are asked for autographs all day long then you don’t have it all that bad.

2. Maiquel Falcao Doesn’t Get Gassed- The Bellator Middleweight was recently involved in a gas station throwdown in Southern Brazil. I’m still not sure whether it was worse that he got in a brawl at a gas station or the fact that it was at a gas station in Brazil. In the surveillance video it looks like he walks up on this chick in line and she takes offense that he was so close and he then slaps her with what appears to be a wallet. A fight breaks out in the gas station where Falcao and a teammate hold their own. The fight in the parking lot was a different story. It was a small riot and the teammates took the worst of it. There was a dude in a white tee that was smashing an already unconscious right by the gas pump. By smashing I mean throwing punches (and later kicks) to an obviously unconscious cat. Dudes were getting hit over the head with large pieces of wood and shit. It was crazy. My point is this, as a man, never hit or put your hands on a woman in that way and as a professional fighter you need to conduct yourself in a civilized manner in public and you have an even higher level of responsibility to avoid unnecessary altercations like these. It’s like being the guy that carries the concealed weapon that goes out looking for trouble or gets into beef ad drama uncessisarily. It is your duty to be even MORE careful in situations like these.

3.  Barnes and Noble Possibly Closing Up Shop– Say it ain’t so! Now where the hell am I going to sit all day and read magazines and book I don’t want to actually buy? Where are the college students and unemployed hipsters and hippies going to go and drink overpriced frappes and lattes and other tays? More importantly where am I going to buy Fighters Only Magazine now? What I’m trying to say here is that I need my B&N, if they disappear I will be forced to take the lead of my Brazilian brethren and go all Hacksaw Jim Duggan on somebody’s ass.