My Notes from My TapouT Sirius XM Radio “On Blast!” Teammate vs. Teammate Segment

Saturday, August 3rd, 2013 by Tony Reid

tapoutsiriuslogoHere are my somewhat coherent thoughts that I scribbled down leading up to my monthly appearance on TapouT Radio on Sirius XM Radio. Tune in the first Thursday of every month to hear me ramble on and on and on…

GSP/Rory MacDonald-The age old Teammate vs. Teammate debate is rearing its ugly head again. Outside of GSP losing to Hendricks or one of them jumping to Middleweight this fight almost has to happen. Uncle Dana recently all but guaranteed the fight if all goes well. We know what Dana wants Dana gets. If GSP thinks for a second that Rory would take a title shot if offered I think he is sorely mistaken. This topic had to have been discussed, addressed and entertained with the people within TriStar Gym. It is the natural progression of things.

I’m not asking anyone to start a huge shit talking war, I understand what is said publicly by GSP, Rory and Firas may not correlate with what’s being said behind closed doors but at least acknowledge the fact that it’s crossed your mind and it is a possibility. Rory said he has other plans or they have other plans. Easy way to stop all the talk. Share those plans with us! Just don’t insult our intelligence.

Look no further than the Jonny Bones Jones and Rashad Evans rivalry to see how things can get blown up in a minute after one comment so I get it. One small quote blew the roof off of Jackson/Winkeljohn’s Gym and made that one of the biggest rivalries and bad blood fights in the history of the sport. My point being, for as close as they say they are, that familiarity and closeness not only breeds a bond and brotherhood but it also breeds contempt at the drop of a hat.

Are we looking at UFC 175 St. Pierre vs. MacDonald? If so we need to name the events again. My suggestion for that one… Jabfest.