Rattling the Cage Video Game Review: Supremacy MMA

Sunday, March 4th, 2012 by Tony Reid

I bought my son this title off the used rack at our local Game Stop because it was pretty much the only MMA game he did not yet own. So I figured I would write a review of the game while watching him play it. Because, again, I am a grown ass man who spends very little time playing video games. (Read my past video game reviews to see what I am talking about.) There is a reason this was the last in the line of MMA game purchases. Right out of the gate my son loves it. Keep in mind he is a child and not capable of seeing the ridiculousness in front on him. I on the other hand notice right off the bat that the roster is about 10 fighters deep on the men’s side of things. Sure we all know Jens Pulver, some of us may even know Jerome LeBanner (I was excited to see on the game) but does anyone outside the hardcore fan base even appreciate or have any name recognition of the other fighters and martial artists here? I think not. If you are going to have a game with a roster barely in double digits you better make those digits count! As far as the ladies go we can play fight with the amazing Felice Herrig and Michelle Gutierrez. Yes, that’s it. You don’t have to be Joe Silva to create a matchup here.

The graphics in general are pretty solid. The game has a gritty, grimy feel to it; so much so that I worried if I got any closer to the TV I might get staph or Hep C. or at the very least pick up a nasty drug habit. It is intended to be a seedy, underground, back alley fight type of game and it lives up to that as you throw down in rusty cages, strip clubs and other dirty locations. (No offense to any stripper that may be reading this.) The issues arise quickly as the game has a ton of MMA clichés all up in it. From the skulls to the wings to the skulls with wings, hell even fists with wings attached appear as generic graphics and generic heavy metal blare into your eardrums. Of course we have all the tattoos and Mohawks and mean mugs you could ask for, just look at the cover. The game is more blood and guts than substance.

As far as game play is concerned there is a lot to be desired. It seems very slow and sluggish. And although my son loved it at first he became disinterested pretty quickly. Not only that it seems as though the controls and actions of the fighters don’t quite jive. He became frustrated after getting his little butt handed to him after seemingly putting forth enough to finish opponents. Its one of those games like many back in the day where you feel you got “cheated by the computer”, as if it always works out in the computers favor. The storylines are a bit generic and lame as well.

To put it nicely it’s definitely not the best MMA game my son or I have ever played. The title states “MMA Supremacy” but the overall feel of the game tends to lend itself to more of the old school style vs. style matchups with Wrestlers, Jiu-Jitsu players and even Karate guys throwing down. It also has the feel of the underground, secret dark matches which would lend itself to a past era of the sport. There is no need to be underground when you can turn on FOX and see the sport in all its glory. Outside of pioneer and legend Jens Pulver and a few names on the female side, the roster is unbelievably weak for a title in this category in this day and age. If you are looking to smash faces and break bones, to see blood and maybe even a few guts, this game is for you. If you want some MMA with a side of Mortal Kombat and a pinch of Grand Theft Auto then you will be in heaven. Anything outside of that you will be very disappointed. Stick to the UFC franchise and hopefully the EA franchise continues but leave MMA Supremacy in the “used” bin at the local video game store. It’s there for a reason. The Kung Fu Factory’s Kung Fu is no good here.