My Newest Installment of “On Blast!”

Saturday, October 5th, 2013 by Tony Reid

imagesCAS7WEBZHey folks, here is my latest rant. Just a quick one about Dom Cruz, Interim Titles and MMA in NY or a lack thereof…

Dominick Cruz’s Title Reign-It’s not a reign it’s more of a drought. He hasn’t defended the title in over two years. Two years! October 1st 2011. If a baby was born the last time he defended the title that baby would be walking now. We can’t have it get to the point where that baby will be driving before he defends the title again. I understand, it really sucks for him but that’s part of the fight game. Everybody gets worked up when someone says “strip” him of the title. It sounds so harsh, so cold, so uncaring. Maybe ask him nicely to pretend the whole thing never happened? (Hey, I don’t have all the answers)

Look what Renan Barao has done in Cruz’s absence. He beat up Uriah to win the interim title. He subbed Michael McDonald. He highlight reeled Eddie Wineland. That guy is your champion! Give Cruz first dibs when he’s healthy but Renan Barao is your UFC Bantamweight Champion.

Interim Titles- I absolutely hate interim titles. What’s the point? There is still another fighter, who is on the shelf holding the actual championship. The poor fighter that wins the interim title is really never considered the champ. Well, you are the interim champ so you kinda-sorta-are somewhat of a champion. Ridiculous. It’s in place to pacify the fighters in question and the fans but serves no real purpose.

MMA In NY (UFC wins key ruling in lawsuit against New York)- Oh New York, New York. The ban on MMA in the state is based on a vague law written in 1997. New York is the only state with an athletic commission that still has a ban on the sport. Like all forms and branches of government the law has been followed in a very inconsistent and illogical manner. It has cost the people trying to make something of themselves (the UFC) a ton of time and money. Most importantly this lame, out of date law is prohibiting the great athletes and fans the opportunity to see the sport in the media capital of the world. Keep in mind that two of the UFC’s champions are New York natives in Jon Jones and Chris Weidman. For a state that is as bankrupt as any, it would be a nice financial bump for the people of New York, not that the government cares about that though.

Peyton Manning-Let me start by saying I am a huge Peyton Manning fan. He has always done things the right way on and off the field. He has been the model of consistency and put up numbers that are starting to make even Brett Favre jealous. He’s a flat out grinder, which I personally love. In recent years we have started to see his great personality on SNL, in 1,001 commercials and other platforms. He has gotten off to the best start for a QB in the history of the world. No doubt. But let’s be honest. Manning is being sent into a fistfight with an armored tank and rocket launchers. It ain’t a fair fight ladies and gents! Look at the NFL rulebook now. This league is turning into the CFL. It’s all offense all the time, and that’s great, I get it. But the defenses are the ones left defenseless. We are one step away from playing flag football in the NFL. I would be the first to admit how much I like Peyton and have nothing but respect for everything he has accomplished but let’s keep a little perspective here. The rules he’s playing under in the league right now would be like not allowing anyone from the opposing team to defend Michael Jordan. What would he have done?