My Newest Installment of “On Blast!”

Friday, October 18th, 2013 by Tony Reid

imagesCAS7WEBZHere is my latest rant on a leg shredding crazy man and a dusty, tattered, outdated invisible rulebook.

Rousimar Palhares-After submitting Mike Pierce at UFN 29 last week Palhares was cut by the UFC. Why would he be cut after a victory you ask? Paul Harris held the submission for seconds after Pierce’s tap. It was so blatant that the referee literally dove in to try to remove Palhares from Pierces limbs. Pierce tapped repeatedly. The biggest problem for Palhares is that this isn’t the first time this has happened. This isn’t even the second time this has happened. This isn’t ever the…well you see where I’m going here. He has already been suspended by athletic commissions twice for this behavior. (He is well known in the jiu jitsu community and there have been instances like this in competition there as well) Outside of the cage he is one of the quietest, nicest, most well-mannered guys you would want to meet. His manager Alex Davis would have you believe it is some type of temporary insanity thing or that he “loses time” or “blacks out” or something similar to what a serial killer without a good defense would say. Davis would also have you believe that Paul Harris is unfairly being labeled and criticized. Really? In fairness, Palhares has acted strangely in past fights, including twice were he literally stopped fighting mid round, against Nate Marquardt and once again against Dan Miller, when he literally had to be pulled off the top of the cage in mid celebration to be told the fight wasn’t over.

So you say hey maybe this cat is just a bit off and does really lose time. Well, in his own post fight video interview follow up, he recalls in detail the moments leading up to the submission, the submission and the like, recounting facts that an otherwise zoning out or temporary insanity wouldn’t allow for.

So ladies and gentlemen of the jury I say he did it! He knew he did it! He will continue to do it until he’s put in check. Either alternative we conclude here ain’t good. Either A. He did and he knows he did it or B. He can’t control himself in a fight.

Palhares had an incredibly tough upbringing, one I wrote about some time ago now (find it on my site) but that is absolutely no excuse for what he does in competition today.


Baseball’s Unwritten Rules- Maybe, just maybe its time to write all of these unwritten rules down somewhere. Write them on a notepad, loose leaf in a three ring binder, type them up on old school computer paper and put them in one of those sweet see through colorful plastic cover thingies, because there seems to be a lot of confusion these days. When is it appropriate to jog as opposed to run? When is it Ok to raise your arms and celebrate? How about laugh, smile or speak? One thing is certain the team on the short end of the stick, the losers if you will, is always the team to pull the “unwritten rules” card. Its never the winning team. Its the team that just got beat 20-0 or gave up a game ending homerun, or something like that. It sounds more like sour grapes and spoiled sports than unwritten rule violations.

May I add that you are PLAYING A GAME. Playing with a bat, a ball and running around bases like a child in the back yard. You are grown men playing a kid’s game. Get over yourselves already. Additionally, why is there a seemingly long running “no fun rule” in baseball?

Newsflash, the game of baseball is slowly dying. It needs the younger generation to follow the sport, to be drawn to it. You need the next generation to think baseball is fun. Of course there is a time and place for everything and some characters do step over the line of good taste or more often stupidity and I would be the first to point that out but lets play ball and have some fun doing it. Respect the game but keep in mind that it is still a GAME.