On Blast! Tim Brando, J.R. Smith and Anderson Silva

Friday, January 3rd, 2014 by Tony Reid

Tim Brando-I’m not sure if you guys know who Tim Brando is or even care for that matter, he is a talking head covering football for CBS and other networks for the better part of the last 30 years. What he tweeted after the Chris Weidman Anderson Silva fight at UFC 168 a few weeks ago is still sticking in my craw. After all the response and the fallout of Anderson Silva’s leg break the longtime announcer and broadcaster opened his uneducated mouth on the topic. He tweeted QUOTE “Reading about this UFC injury reminds me why I’ve never discussed it, watched it, or promoted it. Under no circumstances would I work it.” UNQUOTE I am so sick and tired of older main stream sportscasters, reporters and media types not giving mixed martial arts any respect. The problem is that most of the people disrespecting the sport wouldn’t know an arm bar from the candy bar they jam in their big fat mouths. Much of the time it’s this underlying contempt for the sport, a sport of which they have NO knowledge. So he openly states he has never watched it yet refuses to cover it and says it in such a disgusted way. No worries Tim I don’t think anyone will be banging down your door to get you to cover the UFC or MMA in any way, shape or for any time soon. The thing that really kills me is the hypocrisy of his attitude and his position. He is looking down his nose at MMA in general and the results of a fight that he didn’t watch a single second of in a sport he refuses to watch altogether. That begs the question..How do you even have an opinion on the topic? Yet he has covered college football for the better part of 30 years. Yes, folks tackle football, the sport where men are dying younger and younger and the ones that live into their golden years are accumulating life altering physical problems at an alarming rate. Concussions, suicides, and a laundry list of other mental and physical problems a mile long. Not only that but the VERY SAME INJURY he was so disgusted by has happened NUMEROUS times in football, sometimes right under his very own nose! Marcus Lattimore, Tim Krumrie, Joe Theismann, the list, unfortunately, goes on and on and on.

I have no issues with one man’s opinion because, you are obviously getting mine, but don’t open your mouth on topics of which you have absolutely no experience or understanding. There are few things more moronic than a member of the football media trashing mixed martial arts based on the level of violence involved in the sport.

J.R. Smith-Let me take a quick moment and sound like the old guy but this guy is the perfect example of what turns me off from watching basketball these days. He was fined $50,000 by the NBA last week for his attempts to untie two opponents’ shoelaces in recent games. That led to his coach benching him in the Knicks’ next game — a nationally televised win over the Miami Heat.

Smith also was suspended for the first five games of the regular season for violating the league’s anti-drug policy over the summer. In November, he was fined $25,000 for sending a threatening message to Detroit’s Brandon Jennings on Twitter (really bright) after Jennings questioned the NBA credentials of Smith’s brother, Chris.

The Knicks released Chris Smith in late December. Multiple sources say Smith is angry over the team’s decision to cut his brother. He hinted at his displeasure with the situation at the time with a post on social media. (again a brilliant move)

Let’s quickly recap his rap sheet. JR Smith’s suspensions in his career: 5 games for drugs, 1 for an elbow, 7 for reckless driving, 10 for fighting, 3 for conduct detrimental to the team.

J.R. Smith has been fined for: Twitter comments, twitter photos, yelling at Mark Cuban, flagrant fouls, flopping and, now, untying shoes.

From the run ins with his boss, the Twitter beef, drug suspensions, fines and a horrifically low shooting percentage (about 30%) and the classic basketball fake tough guy act J.R. Smith is lucky that a team is giving him, yes giving him millions of dollars a year to play a kids game. If he played any worse they would have to arrest him for stealing his check.

Anderson Silva-I feel like I have to start any rant directed at Silva by stating that he is possibly the greatest fighter in UFC history and one of the greatest martial artists in general that the world has ever seen. Also like the boys in Talladega Nights said “As long as you start by saying With All Due Respect you can then say anything you want.” OK, so with all due respect, Anderson Silva needs to shut up. He recently said that Chris Weidman shouldn’t consider the most recent win as a win.

So Anderson, you got knocked out in the first fight after disrespecting and clowning your opponent. You gotta give Weidman credit for taking advantage of your disrespect. On the other hand, same on your for throwing your winning streak, the title, and in part your legacy away in that fashion. In the send fight you got rocked and nearly stopped in the first round only to survive into the second and snap your leg throwing a kick at Weidman by all accounts a technique he and his coach Ray Longo drilled over and over and over just for this scenario. Silva’s documentary “Like Water” is an obvisou reference to the skill and ability to just react and not have to think in the cage in and in combat in general yet he calls into question the validity of Weidman’s victory over him into question after saying that Weidman was just reacting. It just doesn’t add up.

I’m really tired of people not giving Weidman credit for his victories over Silva. I’m not ready to completely bow to the new champ but even his biggest critics and worst detractors must admit that at the very least the G.O.A.T Anderson Silva has looked far more human against the New Yorker than anyone else has ever, ever made him look. At this point Anderson is further tarnishing his reputation by refusing to come to terms with the outcome of the Weidman fights and continuing to be a tad delusional in his reasoning for the outcomes. I would like to see the former champ take his losses as classy as he did all of his victories.