This Week in MMA Awesomeness and Stupidity 12/26/11-1/1/12

Sunday, January 8th, 2012 by Tony Reid


After Twitter Related Firing, Miguel Torres Back in the UFC-

Here’s the thing about Miguel Torres. He is one funny motherfucker! He is by far the most entertaining fighter on Twitter and in real life, too. His firing by Dana White seemed like a classic overreaction by the boss, only to have the decision reversed by the time it was all said and done. What leaves me scratching my head on the initial firing is that the UFC actually gives bonus money for the fighters who have the most followers on Twitter, percent of increase in followers, etc. So how do you think fighters will gain new fans and followers? By tweeting that “training went great today” every day? or by Tweeting that “I just ate lunch” every day? No, they will get more followers by being entertaining and pushing the envelope a bit. Not only that but for consistency’s sake I would think Forrest Griffin and his comments about “Rape being the new missionary” and Rashad Evans’ comments directed at Phil Davis about his Penn State ties and the Sandusky situation, as well as a few other high profile fighters should have been fired by now for some off color remarks on Twitter and in other media outlets. That would be setting a precedent with a very slippery slope for the UFC brass to uphold. They would be firing guys left and right! I’m a “bottom line” kinda guy and in the end it appears they got it right by reinstating Torres. It’s great to see Miguel back!

Awesomely Stupid

Golden Glory Wins Suit to Garnish Alistair Overeem’s UFC 141 Wages-

Here’s the thing about contracts. You must know what you are signing your John Hancock to at all times, every time, period, end of story. Just because you are a fan of The ‘Reem and he happened to sign a bad deal doesn’t make it any less legal. If he signed it, he needs to honor it. That is the point of a contract, dummy.  Regardless, if The Reem is getting reemed it will all come out in court and get rectified there. (Sorry, I couldn’t resist.) It appears that Bas Boon and the boys at Golden Glory are the bad guys at least in the court of public opinion. See how I did that again? “The court of public opinion”. Wordplay twice in one paragrah. Man, I’m good.

Dana White Discourages Cowboy Cerrone’s PBR Career-

Dana is not a big fan of Cowboy trying to be a real life cowboy. I can’t say I blame him on this one. If you were in charge of a Subway restaurant, hypothetically speaking of course, would you want your bestest sandwich artist running over to Pizza Hut to work and cutting their fat little finger off when you are counting on them to make subs the next day? I didn’t think so. Dana can’t have guys running to other sports and activities and injuring themselves and ruining his chances of fulfilling his goal of world domination. Being a boss myself, I have to agree with Dana on this one. There will be plenty of time to fulfill your other lofty goals and aspirations after your MMA career is over.

Brock Lesnar Retires-

I am somewhat torn on this one. Brock was a great draw for MMA. He was a larger than life figure that brought the casual fan and many wrasslin’ fans to our sport. For that I’m appreciative. It also appears that Brock is a great example of a front runner. By that I mean that as long as things are going his way he is a monster but as soon as he sees some adversity he appears much more “vulnerable” shall I say. If he’s on top, damn, he’s ON TOP but if he’s on bottom, well he’s lookin’ to get out. In the WWE he left before his time due to health/family concerns. He went to pursue a career in the NFL and when he was cut by the Vikings, instead of giving it another go, he basically packed it in. He came to us in MMA and hit a few roadblocks but turned into the “frate trane” we all came to know and some came to love. But he hit some adversity in the first Mir fight, the Cain fight, and most recently The ‘Reem fight. Against Heath Herring he just rode Herring from bell to bell to pick up the win, against Randy he was so much bigger and stronger it was ridiculous. The only time I, personally thought he was really, truly dedicated to growing into a more well rounded mixed martial artist was the title defense against Carwin. He took a ton of punishment only to finish a completely gassed Carwin in the second with a newly acquired choke. I guess that was the exception and not the norm in the MMA career of Brock Lesnar. I give him mad props for wanting to jump in the deep end and compete against the best of the best at heavyweight but I wish he would have stuck around and developed into a true mixed martial artist instead of jumping ship as soon as it didn’t go his way.