Jason Miller: What the TUF?

Sunday, December 4th, 2011 by Tony Reid

That was my initial thought last night. Ok, not what the TUF? But you get the idea. After watching the TUF 14 Finale last night it appears that Michael Bisping invested in an insurance policy with Allstate because he was fully protected against mayhem like Jason. I, like most red blooded Americans, was pulling for Mayhem to be the next guy to shut “The Count” up. We invested at least an hour of our time every Wednesday night for the last few months and hoped to see the finale end with a bang, with Miller putting Bisping to sleep either standing or on the ground. Considering that has happened very few times in Miller’s career prior to this night, I’m not quite sure why I assumed it would happen last night. Wishful thinking, I guess. Unfortunately for us, that wasn’t the way it went down.

From the beginning of the first round on, Mayhem’s standup looked awkward at best and pathetic at worst. At least he scored at nice takedown in the first round and had Bisping backed up against the cage with Bisping’s legs secured in a figure four as Miller moved methodically to full mount. This was the height of my excitement for the evening as very little, if any, damage was done from the mount and most assuredly none was done by Mayhem after that point. Bisping easily returned to his feet and bloodied Mayhem’s grill to end the first round.

I guess you can say it wasn’t a good night when the most damage you inflict on your opponent comes in the form of an illegal headbutt. In the second round Bisping started to toy with the worn out Miller. Mayhem repeatedly came wading in and throwing his overhand right, I assume looking for that one big shot ala Dan Henderson. The problem with this gameplan is that Miller looked like he was in slow motion most of the evening. He left obvious openings that Bisping took full advantage of, like taking candy from a baby. This played perfectly into Bisping’s hands as he immediately showed he is the much more technical striker. He peppered Mayhem standing and on the ground with no answer as Miller was completely gassed. He hit Miller with a number of shots as he pressed the action and had him in retreat mode, backing him up against the cage and later as he was inflicting damage on the ground. Miller at one point dropped his hands and waved Bisping on, as Bisping was pounding his face. As the second round ended the writing was on the wall. Mayhem was completely spent. A few times throughout the fight Miller nearly pulled a Travis Lutter in taking horrible desperation shots and then falling to his back, each time we wondered if he could even stand back up. It was getting uglier second by second.

The fight was mercifully stopped in the third round at the 3:34 mark as Mayhem lay turtled up as Bisping unloaded a number of punches, elbows, hammerfists and knees to the body after another failed takedown by Miller got him stuck in that position. As the fight ends and Mayhem heads back to his corner you can hear him say basically that he was just too tired. In the post fight interview Bisping sounded somewhat professional and respectful with caught me off guard as I figured he would continue to be an ass. As Rogan spoke to Mayhem he closed by thanking Dana and the Fertittas and asked for another fight, stating that he would put on an exciting show. Really? After that performance, where he gassed out in less than eight minutes he is going to immediately tell everyone what kind of show he will put on next time? Mayhem considers himself an artist in everything that he does. After Bisping made his face looked like abstract art last night he might want to reconsider his career in the Octagon and stick to the reality show format but only shows were he doesn’t have to fight at the end.