June White: Mother of the Year

Thursday, November 17th, 2011 by Tony Reid

It appears that Dana White’s mother June, still has beef with her baby boy. She somewhat recently, wrote a “tell all” book (Dana White: King of MMA) and completely threw him under the bus in a recent interview with douche bag Jerry Millen (an all time top Dana White antagonist and M1 tagalong…interesting that he was conducting the interview, isn’t it?) And of course, she wrote the book not for money but to help Dana see the error of his ways. She says some horrible things about him, things a mother probably shouldn’t even say at all, to anyone, ever, let alone to anyone and everyone in the world willing to listen. She goes from trashing him “He’s not a good person. He has lost his character somewhere along the way.”  To wanting him back “I want the “Old Dana” back.” What does that mean exactly? Do you want the 12 year old Dana? The 14 year old Dana? The 16 year old Dana? What Dana would you like back? After some of the crap coming out of her mouth I don’t think ANY Dana is coming back to her.

The fact that the book is an unauthorized biography coming from the subject’s own mother should tell you something right off the bat. I am a parent myself, and writing a “tell all” book and conducting slanderous interviews would not be my personal top two choices when trying to repair a relationship with a family member, especially one of my own children for God’s sake.  Just call me old fashioned, I guess. Aside from the book and the YouTube clips she also has a website (www.junewhitemma.com) …really? Why would she need a website and especially with those three specific letters thrown in there? How involved is she in the sport of mixed martial arts? I can answer that. She’s not involved in MMA other than to make a buck off her son, who she might or might not have a somewhat rocky relationship with.

My opinion is this…I’m sure there is some truth to what she’s saying. I’m sure Dana White is far from perfect. I’m sure there is more than one side to Dana. I’m sure he doesn’t have the best relationships with family members that he “used to” be close with. How could he? He has basically committed nearly every second of his life to growing the UFC and the sport of MMA in general. Other aspects of his life HAVE TO suffer while he commits so much time and energy to doing this. For his sacrifices professionally and otherwise, I have nothing but gratitude and respect for him and what he does on a daily basis. It can’t be easy. Whatever goes on in his personal life, really, is none of my business. I don’t really care about it for the most part. Some tiny part of all of us likes the gossip, story time and high school antics of hearing the misfortunes, failures and slip ups of even those that we hold up on a pedestal. Its human nature but to have this dirty laundry aired by his own mother and on these platforms is beyond ridiculous. This is family business! Some of the topics she covers should be kept behind closed doors. Writing a “tell all” book, talking in the interview about him cheating with his sister in law in her house, His “joke” of a marriage, his steroid use (which she has no actual proof of other than his clothes looked tight in a picture she saw of him) bringing the grandkids into the mix, saying that he “Puts Tiger Woods to shame”, its all just too much considering the source. How else would some of this information get out? There is only one way, from June White’s own mouth. She should be the mother and be the bigger person when necessary and leave the tabloid stuff to all the lowlifes that are already working that angle. In the interview when asked what she would say to Dana, she says “Come talk to me.” Maybe she should have waited for that one on one conversation to cover some of this information instead of putting it out there for the world to hear and see. June White, as a mother, you should know better than that.