Why is Michael Bisping Such a Douchebag?

Thursday, October 27th, 2011 by Tony Reid

You might be surprised by reading the title of this blog to hear this but I must admit I actually liked Michael Bisping during his stint on Season 3 of The Ultimate Fighter and for a short time after the show. But it all started to go downhill for me (and many others) after his fight with Matt Hamill at UFC 75. He..b..he be..he bea.. Hell, I can’t even bring myself to type it but somehow, someway, two judges thought he beat Hamill and gave him the fight. Let me start by stating the obvious,  Matt Hamill is a beloved fighter and has so many adoring fans and it was a kick in the balls (his and his fans and fans of the sport that have two fully functional eyes) for him to take that particular loss in that fashion and to have Bisping react the way he did pissed people off even more. Bisping should have acted like the thief he was after stealing that fight and made his getaway as quickly as possible. But no, he acted as if he bought it, as if he just decisively TKO or KO’d “The Hammer”. He was ungracious and showed poor sportsmanship in victory, just adding more salt to the wound.  Let’s not forget. People were really, really pissed of by this decision, maybe more than any in the recent history of the sport. Douchebag move #1.

Fast forward to season nine of The Ultimate Fighter as Bisping is named the coach of Team UK and set to take on the legend that is Dan Henderson as he coached Team USA. “The Count” did absolutely everything he could to get under the skin of mild mannered Hendo and I can remember certain moments of the show where I was actually pissed off just watching the circus Bisping created. He played the villain/douchebag role to a tee and disrespected Henderson repeatedly. Douchebag move #2. Michael got his in the end as he became a permanent part of Dan Henderson’s highlight reel by taking that big overhand right to the dome and going nighty, night. Hendo let his fists do the talking and added one for good measure as Bisping slept.  Did anyone, I mean anyone feel for the Brit? I can’t imagine they did.

Next up is Jorge Rivera’s Oscar nominated role in “Getting Bisping’s Goat”. No worries, as Jorge didn’t actually take Bisping’s goat. That would have really upset “The Count”. What he did was make a number of hilarious videos, with the help of the boys at Ranger Up, that send Bisping over the edge. It was all in good fun but of course, Bisping being the uptight douchebag that he is took himself and the videos way too seriously and nearly went crazy with rage in the process. The lead up to the fight at UFC 127 got more heated by the minute leading to a near scrap at the weigh ins. The actual fight saw Bisping stop Rivera in the second round by TKO. Shortly after the stoppage the man now known as “Spitsping” went toward Rivera’s cornermen and well, you can guess what happened next.  He spat at the cornermen! That seems a little beneath a Count to act in such a manner. Even worse was the fact that he really didn’t own up to it, he basically made excuses as if he really wasn’t trying to spit at the cornermen, he just happened to spit in the general direction and it unfortunately hit the very men he was extremely pissed off at.  Douchebag move #3.

That brings us up to the current season of TUF, where he is now faced off with Mr. Jason “Mayhem” Miller himself. So far, this season has only made me dislike him even more. He has belittled the opposing fighters and hell even his own guys in practice and during fights. He just doesn’t quite get it. He gets upset when he feels that Team Mayhem’s fighters, or Mayhem himself are being “poor sports” or gloating or talking shit, yet he turns around and does the exact same things he gets upset about!  He needs to take his own advice and that might be what is most frustrating about the whole situation.

In conclusion, ladies and gentleman of the jury, I would like to ask the following question and state a few points in my closing arguments. First off, who in the hell has Michael Bisping beat to be considered such a top tier, high level talent in the UFC? One look at his record will show that he lost to the likes of Dan Henderson, Wanderlei Silva and Rashad Evans, the only fights on his record that could be considered to be top flight competition.  He has wins over Josh Haynes, Eric Schafer, Elvis Sinosic, Charles McCarthy, Jason Day, a messed up Chris Leben, a washed up Dennis Kang, Dan Miller, Akiyama (what has he done since coming to the States?) and Jorge Rivera. With all due respect to those guys I don’t see a top level guy that he has a win over. Secondly, we all know he is good for ratings overseas and especially in his home country, which is why the UFC is pushing him to be a title contender, plain and simple. And finally, when he talks shit he just sounds like a goof with that ridiculous accent. Case closed!