Rattling the Cage Book Review: “The Iron Circle:The True Life Story of Dominiquie Vandenberg”

Friday, September 30th, 2011 by Tony Reid

Before I picked up this book I was excited to get a hold of it and start reading after hearing a number of solid reviews. When I finally picked it up, my excitement diminished quickly as my bullshit meter just kept going off left and right the more and more I read. After my emotions changed, it really became difficult to finish the book. Far be it from me to call into question any stories or accounts in this book but…Vandenberg seemed more concerned on exaggerating his true stories to the point of pushing this book into a work of fiction. The brutal fights (one in which he kills a mercenary who enters the ring after he already beat his opponent…really?), the horrific injuries (improbable physical feats after such horrible injuries), his time in the French Foreign Legion (with no real documentation), it all seemed to be so greatly exaggerated that I almost felt like my intelligence was being insulted. “Kunto” Karate is mentioned yet there is no evidence of its existence. He speaks poorly of the Navy Seals, which rubbed me the wrong way. I could have also done without hearing so much about his penis and its exploits. Not exactly what I was looking for in my reading. He has spent a number of years in Hollywood as a fight coordinator and I think the phoniness rubbed off into his “true story”. Read it for an eyebrow raising collection of stories, nothing more. How much of this story is true and how much is pure BS? I’m not sure and I have already wasted too much of my time to try to figure it out for myself.