Thiago Silva Scouting Report for the Fight that Never Happened

Sunday, May 29th, 2011 by Tony Reid

I think its safe to post this now. This is the gameplan/scouting report I created in order to help my good buddy leading up to his fight with Thiago Silva. That fight never materialized and now my buddy isn’t even in the same weight class. So here is my best attempt at Greg Jackson-ing.

Thiago Silva


*BJJ Black belt

*Very Good Muay Thai

*Very aggressive, bordering on reckless

*Maintains composure

*Favorite sub-guillotine inside guard

*Favorite strike-high kick

*When scrambling to feet, always attempts heel hook, leg lock, etc.

*Susceptible to overhand right (Irvin, Drwal, Mendes, Machida, Evans, etc.)

*Seems content to just hang out in clinch

Makes little effort to advance position when on ground on bottom (in guard, etc.)

*Admitted Evan’s wrestling tired him out, needs to improve wrestling and takedown defense

UFC Fights:

UFC 71 vs James Irvin-

Irvin knocks Silva down with right hand. Silva into Butterfly Guard, tries to sweep, back on the feet, slams Irvin.  Fight stopped due to injury to Irvin.

UFC 75 vs Tomas Drwal-

Silva sprints to meet drawl at opening bell, circling, light exchanges, clinch work (which Silva does regularly), Drwal utilizes uppercuts, Silva throws many leg kicks, head kicks (his favorite technique), Silva tries numerous failed shot attempts. Round two pace slows, Silva mixes knees, kicks, elbows while on the feet, drawl gasses takes punishment, both men gas, eventually silva connect flush with a right hand pushes against the cage, and finishes drwal with knees, uppercuts and a left hand. Almost pure standup fight.

UFC 78 vs Houston Alexander-

Silva works for clinch immediately, not looking to exchange, Houston elevates and slams Silva, quickly loses position, Silva in side control to quick mount, mounts for nearly two minutes, Houston controls Silva’s posture, eventually Silva opens up with a number of rights ad left hands to k.o. Alexander.

UFC 84 vs Antonio Mendes-

Silva dropped immediately with a head kick, Silva ends up in top position on ground, side control, straight to mount, ground and pound with punches, elbows, etc., a few submission attempts by Silva, Silva lands numerous strikes and Mendes taps due to strikes.

UFC 94 vs Lyoto Machida-

Silva stalks playing right into Machida’s strengths, Machida explosive foot sweep takedown, back to feet Machida lands knee to the body and left to the head dropping Silva, minimal action on ground in Silva’s guard, back standing, Silva dropped with right hand, Machida briefly mounts, back on feet Machida executes another foot sweep/leg trip to ground and knocks Silva out with right hand at the bell.

UFC 108 vs Rashad Evans-

Rashad uses speed and head movement to close distance and shoot for takedown, rashad gets a few big slams, mounts silva briefly, rashad using a lot of head movement, silva breathing heavy with 2 minutes left in first round, rashad lands big right, rashad scores another takedown, silva wearing down.  Round 2-clinch work against cage, rashad takedown, briefly back to feet, rashad another big takedown, thiago seems gassed but stuffs takedown, lands right lands combo and looks like it gave him second wind, rashad lands another takedown and stops thiago’s momentum, looks worn down again, round 3- Rashad using hands just enough to close distance and shoot for takedown, Thiago is frustrated and starts baiting Rashad, he rocks Rashad with left/right combo, rashad takes more punishment but weathers storm, Thiago seems too exhausted to finish.