The How to Guide to Creating a Winning MMA Video for YouTube

Thursday, April 21st, 2011 by Tony Reid

What you need:

1. The Proper Camera Angle- It’s a must that you use your shitty webcam in a dimly lit room for the video. It really enhances the authenticity of the piece.  Be sure to read from a paper that is just out of the sight of the camera. This also really adds to the professionalism of the video.

2. A Need to Swear…A lot!-Fuck this, fuck that. Use as much foul language as your lips can muster. Use curse words as nouns, pronouns, verbs, adverbs, adjectives, etc. The sky is really the limit here. “Jon Fucking Jones really fucking fucked the fuck out of that fucker.” Feel free to use that one if you like. When in doubt, reference any number of Dana White’s rants for motivation.

3. A Strong Hate for Someone, Anyone– It could be the guy that just knocked out your favorite fighter, it could be the current champ if you are into “hating the player” or it could be an organization like the UFC, Bellator or even the sport in general if you are more of a “hate the game” type of hater. If you can’t find somebody or something in the sport worthy of all your hatred then take a look to see if someone might have posted a negative comment about your last vid and hate on him/her.  No need for reason here, just hate, hate, hate!

4. A Strong Love of Someone, Anyone- At the opposite end of the spectrum would be love, which is also a key ingredient for a solid MMA vid. The more references to you’re past- his- prime hero’s fight from five years ago, the better. The game really hasn’t changed that much in the last few years anyway, has it? Also, the more posters, programs and action figures in the shot the better and please be sure to wear MMA related clothing, too. A tee shirt, a hat and if you are bad ass enough maybe even a pair of fight shorts that have otherwise never seen the light of day outside of your house. No MMA video is complete without pure, unadulterated, 100% fanboy love directed toward some past his prime fighter.

5. Another Strong Love… of Yourself-You’re smart, witty, funny and so damn sexy that everyone must want to hear what you think about MMA, right? With all of these things going for you, I mean, who wouldn’t watch your video?

6. A Cohort– A co conspirator, a co defendant, a life partner, or whatever term you would like to use to refer to that dude behind the camera that talks as much or more than you,  the dude in front of the camera. No video is complete without that tag team partner behind the camera that steals the show every time. He might burp or fart or even put his finger over the lens for a second, that’s cool it just adds to the realness of your shit.

What you don’t need:

1. Facts– The most important aspect of all strong cases to be made for… well… anything. No need to worry about those pesky buggers here.  Don’t know the guy’s record that you think sucks even though he might be 31-3 and went undefeated for a decade? No worries if you say he sucks, well then he sucks! There is no need to pronounce names correctly, know fight results, or even know what events you are ranting about either.  After all, you are on YouTube and your vids get, like 10 views. Hell, you might as well be on HD Net or ESPN at this point.

2. Actual Knowledge– This ties in closely and blends with the facts point listed above. Who cares that your first exposure to the sport was watching TUF 12 and now you are telling the loyal fan base of the sport, the same people that have been following the sport for years and that kept it alive online not so long ago, that you just watched the newest episode of TUF and the meanest looking, baddest talking, most tatted up guy on the show, Mo Mohawksalot, would thrash anyone in the world at 185. Fast forward two more episodes and the same tough guy wants to go home because he misses his girl and we never hear from him again.  Good call on that one.

3. Personal grooming– There is no need, or time, for such minor distractions such as shaving, brushing your teeth, putting on deodorant or combing your hair. You will have to wait until mom gets out of the bathroom to do all this stuff anyway. Forget about it, you have videos to make!