I Am a Dan Hardy Fan

Saturday, March 26th, 2011 by Tony Reid


Yeah, I know the title of this particular blog is pretty simple. Nothing flashy or catchy, actually I really put no thought into it at all. It is what it is. I am a fan of Dan Hardy. There, I said it again. The stereotypical “fighter” characteristics that usually turn me off to many of the “tough guys” in the sport today actually don’t bother me when it comes to “The Outlaw”. The dyed hair, the mohawk, the goofy tattoos, even the trash talk. I think its because there is substance to Hardy as opposed to many of the guys that look just like him fighting in the smaller shows or even just walking around the mall pretending to train UFC. He is not just anohter meathead trying to be tough, he is tough. Not only is he tough but he’s deep, too. He’s an artist at heart that dropped out of art school to pursue MMA full time. He is basically a full fledged Shaolin Monk for God’s sake, spending a good amount of time training with the monks firsthand. He paid his dues long before coming to the UFC and garnering all the attention he has there. He had logged 26 fights and a few titles in England with the promotions Cage Force and Cage Warriors before most casual fans ever heard his name. His quotes, which might upset most, I find pretty funny and entertaining. Actually, I would say he’s entertaining to anyone with a sense of humor. His quotes range from smart-alecky to dead pan and everything in between. His reaction as Bruce Buffer announces him in the Octagon is nothing short of comedic gold. I think he really is that excited and pumped. He brings electricity to any pre, during, or post fight he’s involved in. If you can’t appreciate that then why are you watching the sport? Sure, some of it might be a show but I really think he’s more genuine than most. And more importantly than being entertaining before or after a fight is the fact that he is entertaining during the fight. Bottom line, he fights to finish…or get finished. And when the latter happens you won’t hear any excuses coming out of his mouth. No “I pulled this” “I tore that” “I didn’t have a great camp” no “I had a bad head cold last week”…Nothing. Something else fans appreciate is humility and taking responsibility for your actions when you come up on the short end of the stick. I’m just about ready to tune into Fight Night 24 tonight and I’m hoping to see “The Outlaw” with his hand raised at the end of the night…and I will be all ears for a few interesting remarks.