Bloodstain Lane

Tuesday, October 19th, 2010 by Tony Reid

About a month ago I had no idea who this guy was when I was making my daily visit to and came across one of the videos with him and Matthew and now at this point I have watched pretty much every video he has made…or at least everything that’s on YouTube.  I literally couldn’t stop watching them. I’m a huge fan!  Who in the hell am I talking about?  Bloodstain Lane, you bozos.

Not only is he as entertaining as hell but I agree with about 90% of what he says.  From his thoughts on the sport becoming too much of a sport to the Greg Jackson “Gameplan”… hell, even his thoughts on Eminem. Not to put words in Bloodstain’s mouth, but I believe that Greg Jackson is training (or overseeing Mike Winklejohn train) guys that are more content to gameplan and win on points than finish a fight. It can be seen time and time again and its frustrating to fans of the sport that pay their hard earned money to watch The Ultimate Fighting Championship or Bellator Fighting Championships or PRIDE Fighting Cham… well you get the idea.  “Fighting” being the key word here, kids. I’ll get off my soap box…for now.  His thoughts on Eminem?  I’m paraphrasing here but something to the effect of “You are a 40 year old man, still complaining about how your mommy treats you and now you want me to hold your fucking hand?”  Hilarious…and very true, like much of what Bloodstain spits.

I feel that he is one of the new voices of MMA.  Maybe even “The People’s Voice”?  His YouTube vids regularly get over 10,000 views. He has thousands of followers there as well. He even got some hate mail (or hate blog) from none other than Team Golden Glory head honcho Bas Boon.  Yep, that’s the same Team Golden Glory that houses elite fighters such as Alistair Overeem, among others. Who else gets that kind of buzz? Who else has that kind of juice to get hated on by an elite MMA Camp just based on an upload to YouTube?  Nobody I know of and that shows he must be doing something to strike a cord. You can catch him on screen getting love from fighters from M-1 Global, among other organizations, who come right out and say how big of a fan they are of his and that they follow him and make sure they check out his vids.  That’s pretty damn cool.

Under his tough guy exterior with his sideways hat, the aviator shades and the New York accent there is an extremely knowledgeable dude. And more importantly, he is a huge fan and extremely passionate about the sport. He says what most true fans are thinking and what the mainstream MMA media is too mainstream to say. He has coined many phrases including what might be my favorite “Zuffa Zombies”. So check out the vids, follow him on YouTube and as always…Fuck Your Life.