Welcome to Rattling the Cage

Wednesday, March 10th, 2010 by Tony Reid

Welcome to Rattling the Cage!  This website is inspired by our work in Tapout and MMA Worldwide Magazines.  By our work, I am talking about Justin McAllister and myself.  I am the owner of Reid Fight Wear, an MMA Clothing and Lifestyle Company.  Check outwww.reidfightwear.com for more on that.  But even more importantly, I am a huge fan of the sport.  Simply saying “I’m a huge fan” almost doesn’t do it justice.  Everyone you talk to for some reason feels the need to tell you that they were a fan of the sport since the beginning, as if saying that automatically legitimizes their fandom.  So here I go…I can remember going to one of my best friend’s houses, and a handful of us gathering around the TV and watching the grainy feed of all the early Pay-Per-Views.  My friend taped them, on VHS of course, so we could watch them over and over as if it was our little secret…not anymore!  I watched the sport from its inception, during the “dark ages” and through the continued growth we see today.  I spent some time on the message boards- The UG, Sherdog, The UFC Fight Club, etc…but I realized that being a huge fan wasn’t enough for me.  I wanted to create, contribute and be involved more in the sport I love so much.   I attended my first live UFC Event at UFC 68 and have been hooked on traveling across the country as much as possible to every live event I can afford (and not really afford) to go to.  Vegas, Denver, Jersey, Atlanta, Columbus, Philly…you get the idea.  I have traveled to many events as a fan and I can tell you it’s just as cool to travel for “business”.  Ha ….business….Who am I kidding?  It truly is a lifestyle, a passion and one of those things that you can only understand if you are lucky enough to feel as strongly about it, or feel that strongly about anything, for that matter.  It is an honor and a privilege to be able to contribute and be involved in something I feel so strongly about.  I wish that everyone could find that for themselves at some point in their lives.

Enough about me…Justin McAllister is an artistic genius, in my humble and certainly unbiased opinion.  He is immensely talented and yet still underappreciated on many levels.  I would not be surprised one bit if during one of our daily conversations one day he tells me about some huge break he finally got.  He deserves it.  He has worked with and for the who’s who in the MMA Industry and has opened more doors for me than I could have ever imagined.  I am eternally grateful for this and for what he has allowed me to be apart of.  He has said to me on more than one occasion that the work he is doing for our collection is the best work he has ever done.  What do I say to that? I was reading all of the issues and admiring his work for years before we ever even spoke.  I am one lucky mo fo.

None of this would be possible without the help and support of so many.  Justin, RJ Clifford and everyone at Tapout and MMA Worldwide Magazines, The crew at Pitbull Secure Technologies Dom, Paul, Jill and everyone else involved with the project, Chad Cowder, and all of the great fighters I have had the honor of speaking to…Nate Quarry, Damacio Page, Matt Brown, Cain Velasquez, Clay Guida (see you in Chicago!) and Frank Mir….Thank you all!

In the very near future, you will see a bunch of special guest blogs, constant updates of everything MMA through our news feed from MMA Junkie… and check out reidfightwear.com to pick up your Rattling the Cage Signature Series Shirts!