The (Not So) Foxy Lady: My Take on Fallon Fox

Wednesday, March 27th, 2013 by Tony Reid

By now most everyone has heard about transgendered fighter Fallon Fox attempting to forge a career in Womens’ MMA. My general thought is this…I personally don’t care what anyone decides to or with their own body in their personal life. It’s their business, do you, more power to you in whatever choices you make. You have the right to live your life your way and you have to live with said choices. But it becomes an issue when actions and choices start to affect other people.

First and foremost Fox spent over 3 decades as a man. Let me repeat that…Fox spend over 30 years as a man. I can relate, as I’m a 34 year old dude myself. The musculature and bone density, bone structure and all the physicality, the power, the strength, you gain spending 30 plus years in a vessel as a man can’t be changed after taking estrogen or other hormones for a few years. Its not that easy of a thing to change.

As an interesting sidenote, Fox was in the Navy for a period of time and also worked as a truck driver for some time. That’s some manly shit! More manly than what I do for a living, that’s for sure.

All joking aside, my main concern is for the safety of the women, the born women, Fox has faced and will continue to face fighting as a woman. Again, it’s their (the other ladies) right to take or not take a fight but look at Fox’s first opponent Alyssa Vasquez’s quotes after the fight with Fox. That tells the whole story. She speaks how how incredibly strong Fox was, how overpowering she was, things of that nature. And in watching Fox’s first few fights it looks, to some degree, like a man fighting a woman. Not good.

With MMA being but a small child and Womens’ MMA being in its infancy there is alot of room for growth, maybe someday transgendered people will fight transgendered people. I would pay to see that. I just feel the playing field is not level, actually far from level, in this particular case.

All of the facts I’ve covered so far don’t even touch on the fact that Fox somehow conveniently forgot to disclose the fact that she spent much of her life as a man before taking a fight against a woman. The lie, the coverup, the lack of disclosure prior to competing in a fight against a woman is what upsets me as much as anything.

The cold hard truth is that certain life choices can affect future earnings or career paths. It’s not as if she had a sex change and now wants to run for congress or senate or be the CEO of a Fortune 500 company living as a woman. Hell, more power to her if she did! She can run for president for all I care but Fox, born a man, wants to kick, punch, choke and impose her will on women. That’s in a whole different stratosphere away from just wanting to live life as a woman after being born a man. If you were born with testicles and had them attached to your body for three decades you don’t get to fight women. That’s the one career path at which we must draw the line.