New Breed Fighters XXXVIII Event Results

Saturday, September 8th, 2012 by Tony Reid

We made our way through the monsoon on the turnpike down to Upper Darby, PA where we were in town to cover New Breed Fighters XXXVIII at the Tower Theatre. The venue was really cool. It is an old theatre where the who’s who have performed (think Springsteen, etc.) and tonight a group of young, talented mixed martial artists were ready to perform on that very stage. We literally were on the stage, seated cage side to cover the event. I personally like to see all the interworking and behind the scenes action that goes into pulling off a successful show. I met NBF President and CEO Scott Morgan early on that night. He was very nice, very personable and like any successful person in charge of an event like this, very busy. He was a non stop ball of motion going from interactions with his staff, to VIPs, to speaking with the commission, to doing interviews, talking to anyone and everyone that needed his attention and direction at that particular moment. He made some time here and there to grab the seat next to me to try to catch some of the action in the cage throughout the course of the evening.

The show opened with a very cool UFC-esque intro with great graphics and audio. It was very professional and surprised me to a degree. Scott actually walked by while it was playing and told me he did all the graphics for the intro himself and that he modeled it after the PRIDE theme and intro. Very cool.

Amateur Fights

The first fight of the night pitted Mariano Vido Rivera against Karl Swanson. Both guys came out swinging with Rivera getting the better of the exchange. This one quickly turns into a slugfest and a number of knees where exchanged as the first round comes to an end. Round 2 starts with some clinch work, pummeling and then Swanson takes it to the ground. They transition back to their feet and after a light exchange the round closes. Round 3 sees Swanson score a quick takedown and takes Rivera’s back and secures a quick and slick rear naked choke to finish the fight. Swanson by Submission (Rear Naked Choke) Round 3

The second fight of the night has Edward Shupe facing Nicholas Mimoso. Round 1 Shupe hits a nice throw/ takedown to get the fight the floor and ends up in side control. Mimoso manages to get back to his feet and lands a few knees in the process. Round 2 starts with light striking, the fight hits floor with Mimoso on top in side control. Mimoso throws repeated knees to the body. The round ends with Mimoso on top throw heavy body strikes. Round 3 Shupe gets takedown, and the round ends with a battle for position on the ground. Shupe by split decision. In my opinion this fight had a very controversial decision. This could have easily (and probably should have) gone in favor of Mimoso.

In fight three we see Jack Cordero taking on Matthew Kakareka. Round 1 opens with a light exchange on the feet. The fight hits the floor with Kakareka on the bottom as Cordero takes his back. Cordero attempts a number of submissions as the fighters jockey for position on the ground. Round 2 Cordero has a reach advantage and needs to start using it. Not much action in the second round. This was the point in the night that I realized the TV next to us with the live feed of the event is perfectly placed for times like this. Round 3 Cordero lands a few shots on the feet, Cordero is all over Kakareka attempting armbar after armbar but never getting the finish. Cordero by unanimous decision.

Fight four has Hakief Phillips facing Michael DiPlacido. Round 1 opens with a nice big exchange on the feet. DiPlacido scores a nice takedown, does a little work on the ground and the fighters get back to their feet. The round ends with another takedown attempt by DiPlacido. Round 2 these guys come out throwing hands…hard! The round has its share of fireworks and ends with both guys looking to take it to the ground. The third round again features wild punches with an eventual takedown attempt and guillotine attempt as time expires. Phillips by unanimous decision.

Fight five had Gito Monclus taking on Stephfond Ewins. Round one started with some back and forth striking. Gito takes the fight to the floor and ends up on top briefly as the fight quickly gets back to the feet. Ewins really looks the part, guillotine attempt, Gito in side control, Ewins reverses position as the round ends. Round 2 Ewins lands a few pinpoint strikes. He always looks like he is ready to explode and just kick someone’s head into the front row or punch a hole in their face. At the 2:12 point of round two Ewins ends the fight with a neck crank. Ewins is by far the most impressive fighter of the night to this point. After his fight Ewins grabbed a seat close to me and I overheard the promoter tell him that he could be champ here someday. Ewins response “I will be champ here someday.” It wouldn’t surprise me at all.

The next bout was for the Welterweight Championship and featured Jason Eib vs. Adam Roberts. Eib scores a nice takedown, some groundwork and Eib secures a nice head and arm choke. He ends up in top position as the round comes to a close. Round two Roberts scores a nice takedown into side control and the fighters are pressed against the cage. Roberts tries to take his back and Roberts is going for leg locks, one after another. Round three Roberts scores another takedown, Eib tries a guillotine, Eib tries his own sub in the version of a kimura and reverses to end up on top, in full mount. Eib spends the remainder of the round in full mount on top of Roberts. Eib wins by unanimous decision and is crowns the NBF Welterweight Champion.

The seventh bout of the evening is for another NBF championship, this time in the Flyweight Division. Barbarian Combat Sports’ Jordan Morales takes on champion Pat Sabatini. Round one has Morales throw a punch that Sabatini wants no part of, Sabatini attempts a takedown which Morales stuffs initially. Sabatini pushes against the cage and secures the takedown, he takes Morales’ back, flattens him out, attempts a rear naked choke. Morales fights off the choke attempt but Sabatini seamlessly transitions into and armbar forcing Morales to tap. Sabatini by submission (armbar) Round 1.

At this point in the evening there were loud rumblings of the main event being cancelled due to a possible no show of one of the fighters Jeff Lentz. I overheard a few conversations and there were many unhappy officials at this point. By now people had been trying to contact Lentz via texts and calls, all of which he stopped returning and the promoter was informed that he wouldn’t be showing up. From what I can gather Lentz refused to fight after the main event was changed from a 5 five minute round fight to 3 five minute rounds. What sense does that possibly make to pull out of a fight because it was shortened? I have no idea! On to the newly determined main event of the evening…

Philip Doig took on Jordan Stiner in the new announced main event of the evening. The biggest fight of the night was Stiner’s corner trying to properly place his banner over the cage as the fighters were announced. To start the actual fight Doig attempts a takedown ad really fights for it. Stiner reverses and light shots are exchanged on the ground. Back standing Stiner executes a nice toss of Doig right to the floor. Stiner lands a few punches from top position. Stiner lands a bunch of nice punches from top position as he postures up over his downed opponent. He eventually takes Doig’s back, back to mount, mount to back…and back. Stiner continues to land some big shots and finishes when Doig gives up his back again, with a rear naked choke. Stiner wins by submission (rear naked choke) Round 1.

Even though the main event was scrapped, overall, the event was outstanding. The fights were really good (evenly matched and exciting), the production value was great (with the great opening, the big screen, the trivia challenge and the fact that Comcast was televising the event) and the venue and crowd were great, too. New Breed Fighters ranks in the upper echelon of regional shows on the east coast and the fact that they have had enough longevity to hold 38 plus events is no surprise after you see them in action. I look forward to attending as many future NBF events as I can.