PA Cage Combat Presents: Valley Fight Series VI Results

Friday, August 24th, 2012 by Tony Reid

After some last minute finagling I scored a press pass to PA Cage Combat Presents: Valley Fight Series VI at The Sands in Bethlehem, PA on Friday August 24th. We made it to the casino a few minutes late so my wife went straight to the table for Barbarian Combat Sports where she was scheduled to be the “hot chick” and was headed straight to press row (thanks to Mary Pierce).

Amateur Fights

The first fight up when I settled into my seat was Warren Gosdin vs. Eddie Alvarez. Alvarez (no, not that Eddie Alvarez) is a local ATT guy with a good amount of crowd support. In Round 1 we saw some light exchanges, Alvarez lands a solid slam, we see some transition work and Alvarez is trying hard to get another single leg takedown as the rounds ends. In Round 2 Alvarez scores another takedown but doesn’t do much from top position. The guys get back to their feet to end the round. The fight turned into an attempted takedown fest. To start Round 3 both guys are throwing wild punches, looking for the finish. Alvarez lands another takedown to close it out. Alvarez wins by majority decision.

Next up was Cameron McClaney vs. Jason Heflin. Heflin came out to The Dropkick Murphy’s which got the crowd pumped and it didn’t take him long to get the crowd pumped again when he stepped into the cage. To start the first round there was a short feeling out process, some pummeling and the fight goes to the ground with Heflin on top. He quickly sinks in a deep guillotine to end the fight. Heflin wins by submission (guillotine) at 1:48 of Round 1.

Then we had Kyle Allworthy vs. Tim Kunkel. Round 1 opens with a nice exchange on the feet, punches, kicks and an eventual guillotine attempt by Allworthy. Kunkel goes for a blast double and almost reverses himself with his momentum in the process. The round ends with another nice exchange on the feet. Round 2 shows Allworthy landing a nice spinning back kick that stuns Kunkel and send him back against the cage. Allworthy then attempts an armbar; he’s really taking the fight to Kunkel. With a nice exchange Allworthy stuns Kunkel again; the round ends with Allworhty on top. Round 3 starts with a light exchange, Kunkel grabs a Thai Clinch and unloads a few knees on Allworthy. Both guys turn it on as time expires for which turned out to be a very solid fight. Allworthy wins by unanimous decision.

Next up is Ricci Bass vs. Mike Hefflefinger. So far Bass has the largest walkout posse (yeah, I said posse) of the night. He is supported by his Team Hammer teammates. Hefflefinger, fighting out of Blackman MMA, secures a takedown early in Round 1, guillotine attempt by Bass, they reverse position and Hefflefinger secures a guillotine attempt of his own. They fight in transition again, with Bass ending up on top in North/South position. Hefflefinger attempts an inverted triangle as the round ends. Round 2 didn’t last long as Hefflefinger secures a lightning fast armbar to finish the fight. Hefflefinger by submission (armbar) Round 2.

Dominick Territo vs. Ricky Nuno- If you went by appearances alone Nuno, who fights out of AMA, should have won this fight in 2.5 seconds. He looks like he was plucked right out of the UFC to come fight here for the night. Outwardly, he looked to be in great shape, polished in the cage and ready for the next level. But we all know that not always the case. Territo lands two big slams right out of the gate but Nuno gets to his feet immediately after both. Most of the round was spent pressed against the cage, with both fighters looking to improve position. Round 2 shows a solid exchange on the feet as the guy sitting next to me tells me Nuno is supposed to be back here for a boxing match soon. He looks very comfortable on his feet. Territo secures a deep guillotine but Nuno muscles his way out. They end up in North/ South with Territo on bottom with his feet pressing off the cage. Nuno throws big body shots from top position as the round ends. Round 3 has Territo attempting shots from a mile away, which Nuno avoids with relative ease. The round ends again with Nuno in top position reigning down body blows. Nuno wins by unanimous decision.

At this point in the evening there was a brief intermission. There were a few UFC stars in the house in Tim Boetsch and Charlie Brenneman so they got in the cage for a quick word and a photo op for the fans in attendance. It’s always a great idea for local shows to have fighters appear like this when they can. Some fans at this event may never get to a live UFC or any major MMA event for that matter so to be able to meet someone you see on TV is pretty cool.

After the intermission we had Rodney Sigley vs. Matt Breiner. Again Breiner looks the part of a fighter and Sigley may not but Sigley nearly ended the fight as soon as it started by getting Breiner to the ground and using a slick ground game to take Breiner’s back and have him fighting for his life for the entire first round. Sigley completely controlled Breiner on the ground for the entire first round, through transitions, taking his back and the like. The second round opens with both guys swinging for the fences ala UFC 3 or some Toughman competition. Breiner gets the better of the exchange and drops Sigley and the fight is called shortly thereafter. Breiner by TKO at :19 of Round 2.

The next fight is for the PA Cage Combat 185lb Title, squaring off is Dustin Wentz vs. Adam Atiyeh. Atiyeh is a unique character to say the least. He came out with an interesting hairdo as well as cheetah (or were they leopard?) print spandex shorts. He had a number of vocal fans in attendance. He look as much like a pro wrestler as a mixed martial artist but it least he kept things entertaining. At the beginning of the 1st Round there was light exchanges on the feet with the most notable shot being a hard overhand right from Wentz. Round 2 starts that same with Wentz finding a home for the overhand right, that home being Atiyeh’s cheek. Another quick exchange led to the fight hitting the ground where Atiyeh was in complete control. Atiyeah was in side control to North/South and attempted a choke as the round ended. The third round Atiyeh lands a big takedown, again moving right to side control. He then postured up and reigned down punches to the body and then took Wentz’s back as time expired. Atiyeh by unanimous decision.

Next up was Ryan Everhart vs. Juliun Herring. Herring fights out of Tim Boetsch’s Barbarian Combat Sports in Sunbury, PA. There was very little feeling out process in this one. Both guys came to fight. Herring although fighting in his MMA debut looked very impressive, showing crisp striking and a killer instinct. Herring took a few good shots only to come back stronger and harder. He utilized his punching combinations and threw in a few kicks for good measure. This one was a definite crowd pleaser. The fight was stopped after the 2nd round. Juliun Herring by TKO Round 2.

Pro Fights

Brad Mountain vs. Donald Ooton- Round 1 starts with a quick takedown by Ooton, showing good ground control but Mountain attempts an armbar into a transition back to the feet. Ooton hit takedown after takedown, Mountain almost laid out a welcome mat for him. Ooton was in total control once on the ground, going from full mount to taking his back and back and forth! At the beginning of round 2 Mountain shows a bit of takedown defense and it works. Both guys appear to be gassed a bit after a tough first round. Ooton ends up in top position on the ground and throws a number of elbows and punches as the fight is stopped. Ooton by stoppage (TKO) at 2:48 of Round 2.

Williamsport’s Team Vicious fighter Greg Wolfe took on Zachary Sigley. There was a nice opening exchange of punches and kicks; the fight hits the floor with Wolfe on top where he attempts a guillotine. The fight goes back to the feet where Wolfe catches Sigley in a deep guillotine to finish the fight. Wolfe looked impressive, disposing of Sigley with relative ease. Sigley pulled a Forrest Griffin after the fight by running out of the cage, not crying, but running out upset. Bush League.

In the main event of the evening we saw Billy Vaughan face Scott Heckman. At the start there was a bit of a feeling out process, Heckman missed a big takedown attempt but the fight eventually hits the floor with Heckman on top. As the fight transitions back to the feet Heckman sinks in a nice front choke to which Vaughan was forced to tap. Heckman by submission (Front Choke) Round 1.

Overall the event was fantastic. The fighters were well matched and the fights were entertaining, the crowd was pretty educated, engaged and passionate. The venue itself, the casino, was very nice as well. I got a chance to speak with Mary Pierce afterward. From my vantage point she was clearly running the show. They had a great group of people in place and pulled it off with no noticeable issues, which generally isn’t the case at shows of this size, so kudos to the entire team, I look forward to checking out the next event! In the meantime check out their site at