Bellator 49 Live Play-by-Play & Results from Caesar’s in Atlantic City, NJ

Friday, September 9th, 2011 by Tony Reid

You will remember their names…Bellator 49 will also be the beginning of season 5 and the quarter finals of the welterweight tournament. It will be broadcast live Saturday, September 10th at 9:00pm on MTV2 and in HD on EPIX, with the undercard being streamed live on But more importantly, we will be doing live play-by-play commentary and results right here starting at 7:00 as Tony Reid will be in attendance and covering the event.

On the main card, one of the most talented welterweights around, slick submission artist and former MFC Champion Douglas Lima takes on hard-charging Steve Carl. Three time Bellator tourney veteran Dan Hornbuckle faces Nogueira trained and super aggressive Luis Santos. We should see a standup war between UFC veteran and Muay Thai standout Ben Saunders as he takes on kickboxer Chris Cisneros. It could go either way when strikers Brent Weedman and Chris Lozano face off. It should be an exciting night of fights!

Hit the jump for ongoing results, starting live at 7:00pm and updated after each round!

Bellator 49 Play by Play

“The Local Dark Matches”

J.A. Dudley vs. Azunna Anyanwu

Round 1: Dudley opens with a big overhand right, clinchwork against the cage, light punches and knees, Anyanwu throws a few punches, Dudley goes for takedown, gets it, Dudley on top in half guard, light punches from the top, referee stands them up at 1:50 mark. The fighters exchange uppercuts. Anyanwu throws a combination to excite the crowd. Some circling, Anyanwu lands a combination into clinch Anyanwu attempts standing guillotine and the fight goes to the floor. The round ends with Anyanwu on top in side control.

Round 2 : Anyanwu lands uppercuts, circling, exchange haymakers, even exchange, clinchwork against the cage, standing in front of each other, light exchanges, Anyanwu lands an overhand right, Any the aggressor, any is cut over right eye. Dudley pushes forward, fight is stopped fir a check of Anyanwu’s cut. Any left right combo, two big lefts, Dudley charges, initiating the clinch, circling, any lands a huge punch combo, knocking Dudley’s head around and knocking him down to the mat and pouncing finishing the fight with heavy elbows and punches. The ref has to step in and end it.

Azzuna Anyanwu def. J.A. Dudley by TKO by strikes 4:16 of 2ndRound


“Binky” Jones vs. Lester Caslow

Round 1: Lester comes out with some sweet purple hair, Binky takes him down off a big kick, Jones on top in half guard, light punches, Binky attempting Kimura, Binky moves to side control, back to half guard, still attempting the arm lock, Caslow trying to fight it off from bottom, reverses position and ends up on top in side control, elbows, light knees, lands big elbow, Binky trying to wall walk, has knee up to avoid the mount as the round ends

Round 2: Caslow pursues Jones as he retreats falling to the floor, somewhat holding his knee, he’s down and Caslow lands a number of unanswered punches and hammerfists to force the ref stoppage.

Lestor Caslow defeats Binky Jones by TKO at :15 of 2nd Round


Joel Roberts vs. Brylan Van Artsdalen

Round 1: Van Artsdalen lands throw/takedown, the fight gets back standing, against the cage Van Artsdalen lands low blow to stop the action momentarily. Van Artsdalen lands a combo countered by Roberts, clinchwork against the cage, trading punches against the cage, knees, more knees, fast paces start to fight, trading heavy punches, Van Artsdalen takes back standing, Roberts lands elbow to escape, Roberts lands big knees rocks va a bit, Roberts deep guillotine, ends round. Van Artsdalen bloodied.

Round 2: Action goes against the cage, Roberts lands a big combo, Van Artsdalen lands big takedown and transitions on ground, Van Artsdalen on top in side control, in guard, Roberts lands upkick into triangle and puts Van Artsdalen out cold as the ref steps in to break the hold.

Joel Roberts def. Brylan Van Artsdalen by Submission (Triangle) at 1:46 of 2nd Round.


LeVon Maynard vs. Giedrius Karavackas

Round 1: Maynard looks like he is two weight classes higher than Karavackas, and LeVon opens with a few leg kicks. They are feeling each other out with light jabs. Karavackas lands nice leg kick and Maynard goes for the takedown, he doesn’t get it. They are against the cage, Karavackas lands a big takedown. in to side control, back standing, exchange solid punches, Maynard lands huge right, rocks Giedrius, knocks him to the ground, follows with a few punches, Giedrius gets to half guard, gets mounted reverses it and gets back to the feet. They trade strikes as round comes to a close.

Round 2: exchange kicks to open round, pressed against the cage, circling, light punches, exchange kicks, fight hits the floor and LeVon lands a few punches from behind, K pressed against the cage, trying to avoid being mounted. L in side control, back to the feet, circling, and more leg kicks, exchanging punches,

Round 3: Karavackas is the aggressor right out of the gate, Maynard lands a big right, leads to some light striking until Karavackas catches Maynard with a knee as he was charging forward, face planting him. Karavackas follows with punches from behind to a somewhat conscious Maynard until the ref steps in to call the fight. Karavackas has a large following at the event, with a full cheering section and he sent many of the fans home happy.

Giedrius Karavackas def. LeVon Maynard by TKO (Ref Stoppage due to Strikes) at 1:32 of 3rd Round.


Scott Heckman vs. Alexandre Bezerra

Round 1: Heckman also has strong crowd support tonight. He lands a left, Bezerra lands a nice knee then Heckman counters and lands a monstrous, picture perfect takedown, driving Bezerra into the cage. Back standing, Bezerra seems to be in love with throwing the flying knee. Heckman lands another takedown briefly, Bezerra is right back to his feet, and Heckman briefly takes Bezerra’s back standing, Heckman takedown attempt stuffed. Leg kicks exchanged, Bezerra lands one that looks to outwardly affect Heckman, he misses a big headkick, Heckman with another big takedown and trying to hold on this time. They are back to the feet to end the round.

Round 2: Bezerra lands another leg kick that wobbles Heckman, Bezerra lands a big kick to the body. Heckman can’t get the takedown. Bezerra nearly lifts Heckman out of the cage into order to score a huge takedown, he takes Heckman’s back, flattens him out and pounds him out. Bezerra looked very impressive tonight.

Alexandre Bezerra def. Scott Heckman by TKO at 1:38 of the 2ndRound.


Beginning of live card on MTV2 and on EPIX in HD…

Steven Carl vs. Douglas Lima

Round 1: They start the round out circling, Lima with a leg kick, Carl throws a big, looping overhand right that hits Lima on the temple or behind the ear and rocks him putting him on that street right past heterosexual. The fight goes to the ground, Lima recovers and ends up on top in full guard. Carl has a high guard, attempting a weak triangle. Back to the feet Lima throws a few leg kicks. They trade punches and Lima lands a leg kick that knocks down Carl. Lima follows to ground in side control. They are back to their feet, circling to end the round.

Round 2: Carl hits the ground trying to throw upkicks to keep Lima off him. Lima follows to the ground ends up in full guard. Back to their feet, Carl lands a nice front kick. Lima throws a solid punch combo as Carl retreats. Back to the ground with Lima on top and Carl attempting subs. Lima to side control, Lima stands clears Carls legs and lands a solid punch to his grounded opponent. Lima on top in half guard as the round comes to an end.

Round 3: Circling Carl swings and get caught with a counter. Back to a familiar position in this fight with Lima on top in Carl’s half guard. Lima back to side control, landing a few shots. Lima gets to full mount, takes Carl’s back briefly, Carl reverses and ends up on top. Carl is standing over Lima dropping punches. Carl is now on top in Lima’s half guard as the fight comes to an end.

Douglas Lima def. Steven Carl by Unanimous Decision


Luis Santos vs. Dan Hornbuckle

Round 1: They come out touching gloves, Santos lands a nice leg kick. Circling, Santos throws a head kick and a few more kicks, faster than I can type. Circling, trading light jabs, Santos throws kicks with bad intentions. Santos lands a highlight reel flying knee to a stunned Hornbuckle. Hornbuckle goes to the ground and shortly after he gets stood up. More leg kicks by Santos as the round ends.

Round 2: Circling, Hornbuckle seems to come out more aggressive but it’s more of the same from Santos as he feeds Hornbuckle more leg kicks, to the point of Hornbuckle switching stances. Hornbuckle has yet to check any one of the leg kicks that are doing so much damage. Hornbuckle is visibly limping now, still pressing forward and throwing punches, clinching against the fence as the round comes to a close.

Round 3: Santos opens with a big punch combination. Santos to the ground, Hornbuckle stands over him and takes an upkick. Santos lands takedown and is on the ground in full guard. Hornbuckle attempts Rubber Guard to no avail. Referee stands them up after some inactivity on the ground. Circling, light trading, Crowd is booing the standup inactivity. Santos lands a huge headkick with thirty seconds left in the fight, pushed Hornbuckle against the cage for a strong finish.

Luis Santos def. Dan Hornbuckle by Unanimous Decision


Chris Cisneros vs. Ben Saunders

Round 1: Saunders comes out with headkicks and clinches onto the cage. Saunders lands a big takedown into side control and lands a few punches. He moves to full mount, rises up and starts to land a number of punches. Cisneros rolls to his belly and Saunders continues to strike from the back. They transition to their feet for a brief second and Saunders lands on top again, going for a quick sub attempt before getting reversed. Cisneros is in top position, he stands up and wants Saunders to get back to his feet. He lands a big punch and falls into a failed triangle attempt by Saunders to end the round.

Round 2: Saunders misses with a punch and gets his back taken standing. They transition to the ground and Saunders ends up on top in side control. Attempting an arm bar, Saunders moves to north south position and back to side control. Saunders lands a knee or two or three from side control that gets the crowd’s attention. Saunders attempts to pin Cisneros’ arm and land shots. This position continues for over almost two minutes to end the round.

Round 3: Cisneros opens aggressively but pays for it as he walks into Saunders Muay Thai clinch, he eats a few knees, falls to the ground and Saunders finishes him off with a few punches.

Ben Saunders def. Chris Cisneros by TKO at :29 of the 3rd Round.


Chris Lozano vs. Brent Weedman

Round 1: They come out and touch ‘em up but after that its all business as Lozano lands a few nice shots, Weedman counters with a right that drops Lozano briefly. Weedman ends up on top against the cage, almost taking his back. They stand again and Lozano utilizes a nice judo throw to take Weedman to the ground. In a scramble they hit the floor and Weedman attempts to take Lozano’s back. He gets it, and attempts a rear naked choke. Weedman gets the body triangle, controlling Lozano completely as the round ends.

Round 2: The round opens with light trading on the feet. They exchange big punches briefly, as Weedman eats a few more than Lozano does during the exchange. Lozano turns it on and lands a few more solid combinations on the feet, rocking Weedman. Weedman answers with a nice right but pays for it by eating two. Both guys are feeling the effects on the shots as their hands are low and they are both taking shots. The rounds ends with them pressed against the cage, giving all they have to give.

Round 3: The action doesn’t let up as the exchange on the feet with Lozano landing big knees and the fight hits the floor with Lozano on top but he is quickly reversed in a scramble. Lozano attempts another judo throw unsuccessfully but still ends up on top. He is extremely close to getting full mount on an exhausted Weedman. Lozano attempts to pin Weedman’s arm and punish him some more. With a little over a minute left Weedman in a scramble attempts to take Lozano’s back with little success as Lozano ends up in a dominant position. Weedman attempts a desperation takedown as time expires.

Chris Lozano def. Brent Weedman via Unanimous Decision