Exclusive Interview with Bloodstain Lane

Friday, May 20th, 2011 by Tony Reid

A few months ago I had no idea who he was but I was making my daily visit to www.thefightnerd.com and came across one of the videos with him and Matthew and now at this point I have watched pretty much every video he has made…or at least everything that’s on YouTube.  I literally couldn’t stop watching them! I’m a huge fan! Who in the hell am I talking about?  Bloodstain Lane, you bozos.

Not only is he as entertaining as hell but I agree with about 90% of what he says.  From his thoughts on the sport becoming too much of a “sport” to the Greg Jackson “Gameplan”… hell, even his thoughts on Eminem. Not to put words in his mouth, but I believe that Greg Jackson is training (or overseeing Mike Winklejohn train) guys that are more content to gameplan and win on points than finish a fight. It can be seen time and time again and its frustrating to fans of the sport that pay their hard earned money to watch The Ultimate Fighting Championship or Bellator Fighting Championships or PRIDE Fighting Cham… well you get the idea …“Fighting” being the key word here, kids. I’ll get off my soap box…for now.

Back to Bloodstain… I feel that he is the new voice of MMA.  His YouTube vids regularly get upwards of 10,000 views. He has thousands of followers there as well. He even got some hate mail (or hate blog) from none other than Team Golden Glory head honcho Bas Boon.  Yep, that’s the same Team Golden Glory that houses elite fighters such as Alistair Overeem, among others. Who else gets that kind of buzz? Who else has that kind of juice to get hated on by an elite MMA Camp just based on an upload to YouTube?  Nobody I know of and that shows he must be doing something to strike a cord. You can catch him on screen getting love from fighters from M-1 Global, among other organizations, who come right out and say how big of a fan they are of his and that they follow him and make sure to check out his vids.  That’s pretty damn cool.

Under his tough guy exterior with his sideways hat, the aviator shades and the New York accent there is an extremely knowledgeable dude. And more importantly, he is a huge fan and extremely passionate about the sport. He says what most true fans are thinking and what the mainstream MMA media is too mainstream to say. He has coined many phrases including, what might be my favorite…“Zuffa Zombies”. So make sure you check him out and follow him on YouTube. Take a look at our interview to get a few layers beyond that tough guy exterior.  And as always…Fuck Your Life!

Tony Reid-What was your motivation for starting to do the YouTube Videos? Where did the Bloodstain Lane persona originate from?

Bloodstain Lane– My motivation just came from being a passionate fan of Combat sports and getting my opinions out there in my own Unique Way. We just did it for fun but now it has really took off and I am now a commodity in the Fight Game. As far as the name goes…Bloodstain was a name given to me by an old friend of mine. We are always boxing on the streets and in handballs courts throughout New York City and I always ended up having Bloodstains on my shirt and Lane is my last name as far as the persona goes…its a mixture of me, Andrew Dice Clay and just the overall Queens, New York swagger.

Tony Reid– Where does the BSL persona stop and the rest of your life start? With all the attention is it getting harder to separate the two?

Bloodstain Lane– BSL is me 24-7. It has no bearing on my personal life. I am a Fight Fanatic so it stays with me all the time but it has NO bearing on my personal. I still date, go out with my friends and what alot of people don’t know is that I actually have a son who is my best friend, obviously I’m not BSL around him. That’s where I separate the two, but he is a fight fan and I just put him in a Boxing Gym.

Tony Reid– You get a lot of love and a lot of hate. You have had beef with Dana, Jackson’s Camp, Jon Jones, Nate Marquardt, etc. What is the one response to one of your videos or tweets that has surprised you the most?

Bloodstain Lane– In life NOTHING surprises me, I take everything in stride. I have had verbal battles with Dana on Twitter, I have run into Jon Jones many time and no matter all the shit I talked the dude showed me nothing but love, same goes for Greg Jackson who is the probably the nicest human being I ever met, truth be told they killed me with kindness and I can’t even say anything bad about those guys anymore. Even me and Nate are cool, that was by far the most entertaining cause we went back and forth for weeks. All kidding aside though, the big wigs in UFC know who I am. Joe Silva doesn’t like me and the Public Relation’s guy from UFC threatened to ban me from every UFC event. I don’t’ give a fuck though, I prefer watching from my house anyway. Shout out to Reed Harris, he showed me love when he met me.

Tony Reid-What BSL video is your personal favorite and why?

Bloodstain Lane– My personal favorite Bloodstain Video is my “America Meet…Badr Hari” video because I introduced to the casual fans in America one of the baddest men the planet…I am a Badr Hari fanboy and ALOT of people have thanked me for that video.

Tony Reid– For those who don’t know, can you talk a bit about Team Takeover?

Bloodstain Lane– Team Takeover is a collective of hardcore passionate combat sports fans. We have writers, vloggers, highlight makers…We have our hand in everything. We have our forum, our own radio show and we are scattered all over the world.

Tony Reid– Who is your favorite fighter in combat sports and on the flip side who is your least favorite fighter?

Bloodstain Lane– I don’t have an individual favorite fighter. I have an “Elite Collective” of fighters which consist of ALL Combat sports ranging from Shogun Rua to Kostya Tszyu to Badr Hari but there are about 15 fighters in this ELITE group of mine. My least favorite fighter is probably George St Pierre cause he cant even finish a sun flower seed, which is sad because 4-5 years ago he was one of my favorites.

Tony Reid– You are a huge fan and supporter of legends like Shogun, Fedor, Wand, Cro Cop, Gomi, Badr Hari, etc. That being said, who do you have your eye on as the next wave of fighters that you will support and possibly become legends in the sport?

Bloodstain Lane– The Next wave of fighters to keep an eye on are Siyar Bahadurzada from Team Golden Glory who is a VERY violent man and Maximo Blanco who is like the real life Tazmanian Devil. In the world of Kickboxing it’s definitely  Mosab Amrani, who is Moroccan Dutch just like Badr Hari and just as violent and entertaining to watch and in Boxing Yuriorkis Gamboa who looks like a Mini Cuban Mike Tyson with devastating Boxing skills.

Tony Reid– You have coined a bunch of phrases in the MMA world. My personal favorite is “Zuffa Zombies”. Can you explain to the Zuffa Zombies what a Zuffa Zombie is?

Bloodstain Lane– A Zuffa Zombie is a person who knows NOTHING but UFC and swears by whatever Dana White says or whatever the ZUFFA propaganda machine puts out. They think if your not in the UFC you are a garbage fighter. I actually was at a UFC expo and there was dude quoting word for word everything Dana says in interviews and on Twitter. There is so much great MMA out there, people need to support GLOBAL MMA not just the UFC.

Tony Reid– There have been rumors and discussions of you fighting. Can you tell us what the latest is on your potential career as a fighter?

Bloodstain Lane– As of right now I’m fighting with myself, I got a few things in my personal life to take care of and haven’t been training but I will fight anyone on site if they want that. I don’t give a fuck who it is either. Come get some if that’s what you want.

Tony Reid- If you could be in the same room with Dana White, Scott Coker, Bjorn Rebney, Evgeni Kogan and Mark Cuban what is the one point you would want to get across to them to improve the sport of MMA?

Bloodstain Lane– I would tell them all to go fuck themselves except for my boy Evgeni Kogan. Dana is a Bald Bozo Fuck, Coker is a Big Belly Sellout, Bjorn is alight with me and fuck Cuban. I want some of that paper,I’d probably stick him up. As far what they can do to improve the sport well there’s not much the other dudes can do but I’d tell Dana to make some fucking Super Fights already. Reem vs Cain, Nick Diaz vs GSP, Melendez vs Edgar, Jon Jones vs Anderson, or Shogun vs Anderson, Fedor vs Brock…lets do this shit already.

Tony Reid– If there is one thing that you could clear up to your loyal followers and loyal haters, what is the one misconception you would like to set the record straight on?

Bloodstain Lane– I’m one of the most approachable people on the planet and I am really a nice guy. Come up to me say hello and talk combat sports with me, I’m not the dick head people make me out to be. That being said, peace to all my supporters out there and the whole Team Takeover and Big Up to TapouT Magazine.


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