My Notes from My TapouT Sirius XM Radio “On Blast!” Segment

Friday, June 7th, 2013 by Tony Reid











I always try to get my ideas and thoughts in order, even to the point of typing up notes for as little as a 4 or 5 minute appearance before I go live on a radio show, especially one of the caliber of TapouT Radio on SiriusXM. I figured I would start posting my thoughts and notes as a blog, so you can see where I’m coming from on each topic I cover when I put cats on blast on the show. Here are my talking points from my appearance yesterday (Thursday June 6th).

Bryan Caraway

I will go back to the comments directed at Ronda Rousey, the whole “Knocking your teeth down your throat” was completely out of line.

Then accepting not, so graciously, the Submission of the Night bonus after Pat Healy tested positive and then it being outed by Michelle Ould on Twitter that he (Caraway) used to sell PEDs to her roommate. One thing we all can agree on is hatred of a legit hypocrite.

Well, Caraway is already pound for pound the biggest douchebag in MMA, no doubt, but what he recently did takes it to the next level…

He reportedly elbowed Cat Zingano in the back of the head at weigh ins for TUF 17. Are you kidding me? The story was confirmed by a few members of Cat’s camp. One of the guys even went through it blow by blow as he was an eye witness to the whole debacle.

Someone needs to explain to him that just because you fight at the same weight class as many women in the organization that it’s not OK to threaten, talk about threatening, or actually attack them.

I used to think Miesha was OK, maybe just needed to get away from this low life, now the more involved she is, the more of a partner she is in this, the more of an accomplice, the more her true colors come out the more I think they deserve each other. If these two are playing it up for the media and fans or trying to pull some type of attention grab there are far better ways to do it than having a man attack and threaten and put his hands on women. So…congrats to the most hated couple in MMA!

Justin Bieber at Heat vs. Pacers Game 7

This will be my fashion segment of the show. I’m not exactly a fashionista but I think I can see ridiculousness from a mile away.

Let’s start at the top…she’s a Lakers fan in is in Miami wear a Heat, uh, hat on her heard. Phony, Poseur, Fake! Moving down a bit she has what appears to be black leather scrubs on and the MR. T started kit. Her tats leave a little bit to be desired and she’s wearing sunglasses indoors! Come on!

MLB Owners

Growing up as a big baseball fan I used to think that many of these people were brilliant businessmen, now they seem more like fan boys with deep pockets.

In New York, The Yankees are attempting to get guaranteed money back from A-Rod. Good Luck with that! The same thing rings true with the Angels in Anaheim with Albert Pujols. These decade long $200+ million contracts to guys near the end of their prime when they sign them is insanity. Have you seen Albert Pujols run? He looks like he’s about 87 years old right now. How is he going to perform nine years from now?

Ticket prices are up, attendance is down and the game is too long for people of the younger generations now. They want info at their fingertips in seconds, they don’t want to sit at a game for 4 and a half hours. I don’t have an answer but I can see the problems baseball will be dealing with in the coming years.

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