10 Little Known Facts about Steven Seagal

Saturday, July 7th, 2012 by Tony Reid

The rest of the world has more Chuck Norris facts than they care to read and now we, the MMA Community, have our very own badass martial arts icon and Hollywood superstar in Sensei Steven Seagal. He is the mastermind that taught Anderson Silva and Lyoto Machida everything they know. I thought we should share fake facts about the life and times of Mr, I mean Sensei, I mean Master Seagal. Here are the first ten fake facts. Look for numbers 11-20 very soon!

1. Steven Seagal taught the Gracie Family Gracie Jiu Jitsu.

2. Steven Seagal founded the UFC but the original name of the Ultimate Seagal Championship or USC was changed after a formal objection from the University of Southern California Trojans.

3. Steven Seagal created the internet. The first website ever created was www.frontkick.com

4. Steven Seagal also created Twitter. The first tweet ever was, you guessed it “Follow me @frontkick”

5. Steven Seagal ‘s DNA has been added to the list of banned substances in combat sports. It turned out to be the substance for which Alistair Overeem tested positive.

6. Steven Seagal is such an amazing Sensei that he makes moves thought by mere mortals to be illegal, legal in competition.

7. Steven Seagal is such an inspiration that Alan Belcher tattooed Seagal’s portrait on his arm but was forced to tell the world that it was Johnny Cash, as the world was not ready for Seagal’s presence in MMA at that time.

8. Steven Seagal was doing MMA before the term MMA existed. He was also delusional before the term delusional existed.

9. Steven Seagal is responsible for creating the Action Movie genre. He is also responsible for creating the “straight to DVD” business model.

10. Steven Seagal never, ever soiled himself, not even as a baby.